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At Densley Charles Coachcraft we provide a first-class repair service with the emphasis on Quality and Customer Care. Trading since 1982 our priority is to satisfy our customers with the finest in car bodywork. Our reputation for quality and excellence is unsurpassed.

Weíre a leading independent car body repair centre in Cambridge who undertake work for private individuals, major insurance companies, local fleets and accident management companies. If youíve been unfortunate enough to have an accident we will help you make the repair process as stress free as possible.

Our accident repair centre is fully equipped with the latest technology ensuring that no matter what the damage, your car will be returned to you looking as good as new. Whether itís a minor scratch or a major repair, you can be sure your car will receive the same quality service from our friendly and qualified staff.

Our services include: Our customers are always sure of complete satisfaction because we treat them with the respect and professionalism which they deserve, and many of our customers are referred to us because of the first class service we provide. Our work is always carried out to the highest possible standards and is fully guaranteed.

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Densley Charles
Know Your Rights

If you are making an insurance claim, YOU have the legal right to take your vehicle to a garage of YOUR choice, and do not have to use your insurance companyís appointed repairer.

We are an independent accident repair centre and we therefore look after the interests of our customer which is YOU. You only need one quote/estimate so donít be pushed into accepting inferior standards by your insurance company - itís your car, itís your choice, insist on the best!

Non Fault Accidents

A non-fault accident is an accident in which the other party involved is clearly at fault and they accept liability, and therefore their insurers will pay for your claim. If youíve been involved in a non-fault accident we can help you;

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Densley Charles (Coachcraft)

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Telephone: 01223 243369

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Mon - Friday : 8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Saturday : 9.00 am - 1.00 pm

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